Bonded Rubber Mulch

If bright colours and designs aren’t your thing and you are looking for a ‘natural’ looking surface then Mulch could be the answer for you

Created from recycled truck tyres it is then shredded and coloured to give the natural appearance of bark wood chippings. The difference being, the rubber shred is bonded together during installation so the finished result is a bonded surface rather than loose fill.

Mulch is also a great solution for landscaping and ‘problem’ areas as it can be installed straight into grass and trickier sub bases where the ground isn’t necessarily level for example. There is also no need for edges with this type of surface so eliminating the need for extra ground preparation.

Although Mulch doesn’t require a hard sub base we would always recommend one if you are looking to create an area which gets a lot of foot traffic, particularly Daily Mile Tracks. This will ensure you have a long lasting surface.

Rubber Mulch comes in a choice of natural colours or can be mixed to create your own colourway. 

Bonded Rubber Mulch is perfect for: