Here are a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you would like any more information please get in touch with our team of experts!

How long will my surface last?

You can expect your new surface to last a number of years with little to no maintenance. The sub base below plays a major part in the duration of your surface so please bear that in mind when looking for a new surface. The amount of traffic the surface gets will obviously dictate the amount of wear and tear.

How much will a new surface cost?

Our team are on hand to provide quotes for your requirements. Each project is priced on a number of factors so we cannot give a price per m2 without all the info required.

Which kind of surface do I need?

We are happy to help and guide you in whichever way we can to ensure you get the best surface for you. We know these things can be a bit of a minefield so let’s chat!

Do you only install playgrounds?

No! We work with Commercial Clients and Residential clients also looking to transform their outdoor areas.

Can I repair an existing rubber surface?

Yes, rubber surfaces can be repaired. It all depends on how damaged/worn the surface is as to what can be done.

Do you give a Guarantee?

Yes, all our surfaces come with a guarantee. Our team will include details on this with your initial quote.

Anything else you need to know…just ask!